About - Artist - Lilie Rutter
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Artwork by contemporary abstract artist Lilie Rutter



Lilie uses the abstract to recreate an original inspiration drawn from the world around her and her everyday life experiences.
Her focus is to celebrate something cherished, and to meditate on our relationship with life.


Her work aims to take us beyond the artistic and intellectual process to our underlying visceral feelings and true selves.
She loves to explore and understand her audiences connection and resonance they find in her work.


Lilie has an instinctive approach to her work, usually starting a piece of artwork with the combination of an image, a colour harmony or an emotion in mind. Each piece follows a moment by moment process, evolving mark by mark.


Lilie has expressed herself through art from an early age. In the last decade, she has mainly produced work in mixed media and acrylic on canvas. As a nod to her previous career in financial analysis, numeral forms occasionally arise in her work. She is intrigued by human nature and is fascinated by the unique visual interplay between light, colour and form.

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